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At the One Solution conferences we will boldly assert that there is a single source – our understanding of the human mind – and therefore a single solution to all of the world’s challenges. The recordings from this conference was the first ever, and was the beginning of a global movement.

Over the course of the 2 days, we invited global leaders to discover, and experience, how an appreciation of this overlooked variable can be applied, quickly and tangibly, to solve some of the greatest global challenges of our time.
Conferences focused only on exchanging and debating ideas result in an attempt to solve problems by managing and minimizing symptoms rather than dealing with their root cause.

In this conference we pointed the opposite direction, concentrating solely on the source of the problem instead of its consequences. This provides a new platform for a unique and radically different conversation on world change.

The partners behind these conferences have found a new understanding of the mind to be the crucial missing piece in solving any problem, big or small.

Having witnessed dramatic shifts in all of the fields in which we’ve worked, we realized that this new understanding of the mind was powerful enough to solve some of the BIGGEST challenges of our time. This event is the first step towards making that happen.


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