The Core Team

One Solution is led by a core international team based in Chicago, Middle East, and Sweden.

Eirik Grunde Olsen

Co-Founder and Director

Mara Gleason Olsen

Co-founder and Director

Stephanie Fox

Director Middle East

Kenny Engelbrektsson

Operations Scandinavia

Gunilla Engelbrektsson

Project Manager Scandinavia

Emmanuel Rodriquez

Video, Photo and Creative


We have international partnerships with organizations that are helping to solve violence and conflict by empowering youth, parents, and teachers with an understanding of the mind that fosters unconditional resilience and global peace.


It is with the incredible support of many organizations and individuals around the world that we are able to share and act on our mission to solve global challenges by addressing their source in the mind. We are not alone in our determination that this shift in focus, from dealing with symptoms to addressing the source of global problems, has the potential to change the world. We are together in helping move the world toward a more peaceful, sustainable future.

Lindsey Schwartz - Chicago      
JJ Hill - Chicago       
Real Change - UK
Center for Sustainable Change - US
One Thought - UK
NorthMind - Norway
Pransky and Associates - US
Beyond Recovery - UK
Innate Health - UK
Freedom Thinking - UK and South Africa
Pierre Jarlskog - Sweden