Only when humanity collectively understands that our experience of life comes from the mind, not external circumstances or people, will we live in a peaceful and sustainable world.

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There's one invisible problem that underlies every single global issue of our time: a misunderstanding of the human mind. The erroneous belief that our feelings of well-being and security are caused by external forces is at the root of all our current problems. Solve this problem, and you solve all the others.

We boldly call this initiative One Solution because it demonstrates that all societal problems actually stem from a singular problem. While this might seem overly simplistic, to quote Einstein, “Anybody can make something more complicated; it takes a genius to make it simple.”

The singular problem is this: humans misperceive their experience of life – which includes their feelings and their perception of reality – as being caused by external forces. This single erroneous assumption is as detrimental and limiting as believing the world is flat or that disease is caused by miasmas.

Until now, humanity has lacked a set of causal principles to explain how we have our experience of the world. While we no longer attribute disease to “noxious air,” we do fall for the illusion that the world is happening to us, when in truth, it is coming from us – via momentary thought.

Humanity has made an error. We’ve labeled things as complex “problems,” unaware that they are actually symptoms being caused by a singular problem: people do not understand that their experience is created from the inside-out. Because of this error, there is chronic bad feeling in the world, masquerading as a good reason for a plethora of socio-global issues. Furthermore, well-intentioned people and organizations are putting tremendous money and effort into solving the problems that only exist because of this error.

If we want to solve the biggest global challenges of our time, we must go to the source: the human mind.

How are we going to bring One solution to the world?


One Solution was birthed as a initiative to create a movement of anyone, anywhere who wants to bring the human mind to the forefront of global change. It's meant to unify and equalize humanity, by introducing simple principles that can be applied to any field. Creating a paradigm shifts needs an army, and we invite anyone who wants to join us!


Creating a paradigmshift in 2017 needs different approaches than in the 1400's. After the globalization of humanity and the progress of technology, it becomes increasingly important to find new and innovative approaches to reach the masses. That makes us extremely excited to use Media, Social Media and Art to convey the message of One Solution


While this is a solution for people of all ages, we want to make a big push to connect and help children and youth across the world.  Not only that, but we want THEM to run it! By passing the baton to youth, we will watch them create a new future, and will be key in both creating a movement and new innovative approaches to change the world!


A Curious World is a universally appealing, language neutral animated educational experience, pointing children to the source of their feelings. Driven by his search for feelings like security, belonging, self-esteem, and purpose, he finds himself in many hilarious adventurous. In the end, he always realizes that what he’s looking for is always to be found inside himself.