2018 Annual Conference


29 October 2018


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It is really tempting to focus on the bad parts of our history, and especially the bad that is currently going on in our world: war, religious conflict, environmental destruction, etc. But what if we could use the power of thought and imagination to create a NEW story for the world going forward? In this conference, we'll explore how new thought is the foundation of building new societies, with new systems and institutions, that can ultimately lead to a very different world than the one we live in today. Come prepared to throw out everything you think you know about how the world looks and what it would take to change it. With enough imagination, it might be simpler than you realize.


This conference is not about discussing what's wrong or the complexity of our problems, it's about looking at where innovation, solutions and progress really come from - new thought. New thought means a new world. 


An open invitation

We cordially invite you to join us for a day of exploring an understanding of the mind, which has the potential to:

  • Exponentially amplify the efforts of change-makers
  • Relieve the frustration felt by the lack of progress on social issues
  • Lead to insights about what all humans have in common
  • Transform the way you view the world and its issues
  • Propel humanity to the next level of global peace and sustainability.

Change is in our hands.

When looking at the pervasive conflict and challenges in the world right now, it can be tempting to feel discouraged, hopeless and like it's completely out of our hands. Like many previous conference participants in Oslo (2016) and Cape Town (2017), you will be re-invigorated and shown how all change happens from the inside-out. Hear from one such participant:


Your Hosts

This day will be hosted by the One Solution Team:

Stephanie Fox

Stephanie Fox has 14 years experience in international development and education with NGOs, the private sector, and the United Nations. In her five years with the UN in Gaza, she supported a humanitarian effort that provided education, health, social services, and housing to more than one million refugees. She developed and launched the UN’s first satellite channel in the Middle East, which is currently viewed by people from more than 20 countries in the region.  

As One Solution’s Middle East Director, Stephanie spearheads One Solution's regional work in sharing a new understanding of the mind with a variety of audiences including young global leaders, refugees and mental health professionals.  

Following a profound insight into the end of war, Stephanie assembled an international, volunteer team to create A Curious World – an educational animation, pointing children of all ages to the source of their feelings.

Stephanie obtained a Masters in International Conflict Analysis from the Brussels School of International Studies. Originally from Minnesota, USA, Stephanie now lives in Tel Aviv with her husband and 4 year-old son.

Eirik Olsen

Eirik became fascinated by the relationship between the mind and human capability after his experience in the Norwegian military and deployment in Afghanistan.

With several years studying various mental practices and techniques behind him, he came across a new understanding of the mind, which showed him a whole new world of potential and profound transformation.

He spent the next years working from this new understanding and founding NorthMind, a Scandinavian-based company working with individuals and companies as well as training practitioners. This led to discovering that this understanding could be applied to people across all fields, from individuals, to communities, and to the wider world.

Together with Mara Olsen, he then co-founded the One Solution Initiative, whose sole purpose is to see if it’s possible to bring a single solution to solve the world’s most complex problems.

Eirik enjoys spending time inverted on his hands and working on his Brazilian Jujitsu moves. In the last year, he has also found his voice and rhythm as a spoken word artist, performing for youth on Chicago’s south side.

Mara Gleason Olsen

Mara is the #1 bestselling author of One Thought Changes Everything and a sought after international speaker and trainer. Throughout her career, Mara has worked with all walks of life including MIT-trained physicists, UN directors, US Marines, NHL players, Microsoft managers, prison inmates, the Chicago PD and youth from South Side Chicago to enhance their professional performance and tackle some of the most difficult issues facing their communities. She is the co-founder of One Solution, a global non-profit dedicated to solving global challenges by addressing them at the source – the human mind. It is Mara’s life passion to demonstrate how our understanding of the mind is both the source of our problems and also their solutions. Her work now takes her from the violence-ridden streets of south side Chicago, to drug rehabilitation facilities around the US, and to partner with peace-building efforts in the Middle East. Prior to founding One Solution, she co-founded and directed One Thought, a New York/London-based company that provided organizational and leadership training to thousands of professionals. Mara graduated with a Master’s degree from Columbia University and currently lives in Chicago. 

The Schedule

Check out below to learn more about the keynotes, panels and performances during this event.

08:30 – 09:00 Registration and Coffee Time

09:00 – 09:30 Welcome and Introduction, Stephanie Fox

09:30 – 10:15 How Humans Imagine the Past, the Present and the Future, Eirik Olsen

10:15 – 11:15 The Simple Understanding that Unlocks our Capacity to Re-Imagine, Mara Olsen

11:15 – 11:30 Break

11:30 – 13:00 Re-Imagine the World without Fear of Fear (Panel and Activity)  

13:00 – 14:15 Lunch

14:15 – 15:00 Re-Imagine the World with New Ideas (Panel and Audience Participation)

15:00 – 16:15 Young Mindset Shift = New World (Youth Panel)

16:15 – 17:00 Closing Remarks

Frequently Asked Questions

The conference will feature international experts in this understanding, including the co-founders of One Solution. Local speakers and artists using this understanding to address social issues will also be featured. 

We hypothesize that just like an understanding of gravity and other physical principles led to a myriad of human advances, an understanding of the mind as the source of experience and the world to date, will be the catalyst for a range of social advances. From our perspective, the only reason social problems persist is due to a mis-understanding of where our experience is coming from.

When we look out into the world, indeed certain issues appear unique, complicated, and long-standing. What we will present in this conference is that while it appears this way, there really ever is only one problem - a simple misunderstanding of where our experience is coming from. Clear up the misunderstanding and social issues will also be cleared up.

• Your infinite creative potential
• Your innate mental health and resilience
• Your commonalities with every human on this planet
• Thought as the source of the world to date
• The extraordinary potential of humanity to re-imagine our world.

Registrations and Donations

We want to offer this event for free to as many people as possible – especially local students and young adults, as they are the future. We are therefore collecting donations to fund this event. The more we collect, the better the event and the more youth and future leaders we can help. All proceeds after expenses will go directly to further our programs for youth in the Middle East. Please see the different ticket options below.

More testimonials from previous conferences

"This is about the People. This is earth, and this is true for all of us."

About One Solution

This conference is created by One Solution, a global non-profit dedicated to creating a more peaceful and sustainable world through an understanding the mind. Our projects and media efforts demonstrate how we can solve chronic violence, conflict, intolerance, crime, and suffering by teaching a new understanding of the mind that increases mental resilience and changes the thinking that drives those issues. Learn more at or check out our videos on


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