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For decades, well intentioned people have sought to bring peace to the Middle East. Regrettably, progress has been slow. This changes now. Youth in the region are being exposed to how their mind works, and its a game-changer.

Creating an inside-out generation

Our focus in the Middle East is on the creation of an inside out generation - a generation who knows beyond a shadow of a doubt that feelings and their psychological experience are not controlled by other people and circumstances.

 Firstly, this will immediately allow kids to realize their innate well-being and relieve them of psychological suffering. Secondly, living from this well-being will create positive ripples effects in their communities and beyond. We have seen that knowing the source of your feelings has several game-changing results for the region: hope is restored, creative problem-solving is increased, resiliency is uncovered, and compassion for fellow human beings emerges.

To create an inside-out generation, we are engaged in the following activities:


Providing classes on how our minds are the source of experience at an international high school in Middle East where emerging leaders from 40+ countries are learning how to be forces for peace and sustainability. 


Providing life skills training to youth to help them cope with life's ups and downs. These trainings are done in partnership with regional youth focused organizations such as

A Curious World

Creating A Curious World, a language neutral, universally appealing animation pointing children of all ages to the source of their feelings. To learn more about A Curious World go to

Hear from the youth in the Middle East

Sustainable change happens by impacting future generations.

Saba about being a hero

"A true hero is someone who knows they are in a bad mood, but doesn’t let it affect their daily life."

Ido on preventing problems

"I can truly say now that this understanding is a guiding tool for me to further discuss and develop solutions for present concerning issues. What has made me so frustrated and ambitious at the same time is knowing that if people would understand and embrace this, so many of the unsettling and worrying situations and events happening in the world could be prevented in the first place."

Zeyneb on our inner resources

"I’ve learned that our feelings are controlled by our thinking, which is really valuable because it means we can draw on inner resources to manage our lives. I think this understanding is important for global change because it can enhance the problem solving skills of individuals and organizations."

Haitham the dreamer

I am a Palestinian young dreamer. I want to do and change many things in life. I find the understanding as an important part of me. It motivates me more and more everyday. It helps me overcome many obstacles I face. The understanding for me is a life necessity. It is my fuel to go on and achieve my goals."

Irina on the role of thought

The world around is just a reflection of your own inner world which you create by your own thoughts. Learning about the mind will help you to see it.

Building a Foundation for Change

Even though there is a lot of potential, progress and hope in our Middle East initiative, we need your help! Beginning with a small cohort of amazing youth we hope to build this movement into the thousands. Thank you to the brave kids who are leading the way!

We are also exploring working with other segments of the community such as mental health workers, teachers, and social workers to support the emergence of an inside-out generation.

Through sharing this understanding of the mind, we envision the Middle East being transformed into a bastion of peace and prosperity. This not only looks possible to us but inevitable when people have insight into the source of their experience.

For more information or to explore partnership opportunities, email [email protected]


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