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One Solution is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit in the USA and a registered non-profit in Norway.  All of our efforts go to bringing a new understanding of the mind to solve the world's biggest challenges, and specific projects like Rebels for Peace in Chicago, A Curious World, etc.

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Support "A Curious World"

Teaching future generations about the true source of feelings is the only way to build a safer, more stable, more thriving world. Learn more:


Corporate Impact

Business is a vital part of solving the world's problems.  Learn more about how we can help your business become more profitable and more high functioning while in turn, helping the world. For more, contact [email protected]


Spread the word

One Solution is about spreading an idea that there is a solution to the world's problems.  We can demonstrate it through projects and media, but we need your help in getting it out to the masses.  Share our stories through social media or, even better, if you know of an outlet we haven't explored, tell us about it.  


Partner with us

If you're inspired by what you see in our mission and feel your organization would be a good partner, let us know.  


Become an Intern

Talented videographer and/or editor is needed for our increased digital media efforts. If you want to unleash your art and change the world at the same time, reach out to us. You will be part of creating a new story of hope by showing the potential of the mind and how it's the solution to global change. More info, email [email protected]

Ways to Donate

Donate what you can or opt to donate $100 and receive the video recordings from one of our One Solution Conferences in Oslo or Cape Town, or donate $180 or more to receive both!

One Solution is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit in the USA and a registered non-profit in Norway. We do donation through Paypal Giving Fund, which gives 100% of your donation directly to is, without any fees.

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Donate and get One Solution Conference videos

These two-day events examine how looking at the mind and understanding how the mind works is the key to unlocking change in every global issue of our time. In Oslo, speakers included UN representatives from Kenya, Norway, the UK, and Gaza as well as aid workers from Nepal and the US. We examined violence and drugs in low-income housing, police corruption in Africa, natural disaster response, and the refugee crisis, to name a few. In Cape Town we had speakers ranging from residents of the poorest townships to young South African entrepreneurs to the Director of the Mayo Clinic Arizona, all discussing the One Solution to global change.


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