One Solution Chicago

A city-wide initiative to transform Chicago into a safe, thriving community by combatting violence and the other destructive social issues associated with it at the source.

The solution to violence begins in the mind

We need a revolutionary shift in the mindsets of Chicago residents. One Solution provides an educational intervention to raise the mental immune system of Chicago by catalyzing new thinking. The effectiveness of that educational model combined with rapid transmissibility through media means that we can begin to solve the violence in Chicago NOW.

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How can peace be created in a city that has been violent for so long?

To really make a city-wide change, everybody has to play their part. From the youngest to the oldest and from every part of society. We are all part of fueling a destructive pattern of thinking, but the good news is that together we can all be a part of the solution.


Changing the streets of Chicago starts first and foremost with the youth. Empowering youth to understand the SUPERPOWER that is their own freedom of mind allows them to access resilience, wisdom, and clarity even in the face of peer pressure and a stressful environment.  The teens we are working with have chosen to call themselves The Rebels for Peace, because they are using new ways of thinking to rebel against the violent mindset that is pervasive in their community.


By working with the Chicago PD we can bring together worlds that have come to think of themselves as adversarial.  Creating opportunities to educate youth alongside the police officers that work in the communities helps us bridge the divide and show that for Chicago to heal the violence, we ALL have to work together and find new ways of thinking about each other. Greater resilience and clarity is just as critical for the police as it is for the residents. 


We feel incredibly fortunate to have the support of some amazing teachers in both the south and north sides of the city.  By bringing together youth from very different backgrounds we can demonstrate how underneath our different conditioned thinking, we all have the deeper potential to understand the mind, to access new thinking that allows us to make great change, and to see our collective humanity.  


Helping to raise the well-being and resilience of parents is a critical piece of the puzzle.  By offering community workshops and enlisting inspired parents to become fellow trainers themselves, we will organically grow a network of parents that are helping to keep each other mentally strong and healthy. Arming parents, teachers, police, and youth with an understanding of the mind that raises their mental immune system means that we can finally eradicate the violence epidemic in Chicago.  

Video from work with youth

Introducing the Rebels for Peace

We strongly believe that Chicago can only change form the inside-out, and the catalyst of that change will be the youth. Introducing: The Rebels for Peace

Rebels for Peace: Their Act For Good

The Rebels for Peace

Rebels for Peace is a youth-led initiative to rebel against the current thinking and mindsets that are the source of violence in Chicago. It was founded by Dajohn White with friends, and is quickly expanding to more teens while crossing neighborhood, gang, and family divides.  

Grassroots Conversations, Events and Media

To change the mindsets of the community, we need to both meet people face-to-face as well as change the over-all story and conversation about Chicago through innovative media strategies. Progress is already being made on the streets and in the upcoming One Solution&Rebels for Peace Podcast and PeaceJam. To donate to the Rebels for Peace, click below and specify "Rebels for Peace".

Donate to Rebels for Peace

Mentoring the youth

A Big part of building mentally strong and resilient teenagers is doing it when they're even younger. That's why the Rebels for Peace mentor kids, an created the MINI-Rebels!

Videos from the rebels

Help us Help Chicago

While progress is being made everyday, this project still needs alot of support both in time, money, energy and partnerships. Download our PDF below for more information or send us an email to [email protected] if you want to help.


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