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This is a compilation of some of the results and articles written on how a new understanding of the mind has created change in mental well-being, youth and education, organisations and businesses, charitable organisations, intervention in the criminal justice system, resilience for aid workers, addiction and recovery treatment programs.

Chicago Team goes to the Middle East!

Nov 16, 2018

Article written by Co-founder Mara Olsen

We’ve just returned from two weeks in the Middle East: Israel: Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, the Dead Sea and Palestine: Gaza and the West Bank (Bethlehem). This trip has been what some would call a “defining moment” in my life. What I have seen I cannot unsee. Life feels somehow fundamentally shifted for me. I won’t go into my feelings on the politics of the region and what I learned, other than to say I REALLY had no idea what the political realit(ies!) were until I saw them and felt them firsthand. Let me just say, I truly believe that if we could all look into the eyes of “the other” and see their plight we would be less nationalistic, less political, less religiously divided, and more human! Exactly how we came into this world.

What I want to share, more than anything, in reflecting upon this trip is a broader feel for the simplicity of human being-ness and the willingness to work together to go beyond the...

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Hear from our Middle East Fellows

Nov 07, 2018

"I hope we can reach a point where we solve problems based on our common goals and not based on the things that make us different."

This is a short compliation of reflections from fellows who participated in our Middle East program in 2018. We are so grateful to be able to spend time with these amazing fellows, and can't wait to see what change they are going to do in the future! 

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Creating the Impossible with Michael Neill

Feb 01, 2018

We are REALLY excited about this one!(I know, we always say that, but seriously, we are!!)

We have our dear friend and colleague Michael Neill as our guest and the theme for the interview is:
How do we make the invisible visible, and the impossible possible. It’s filled with insights and reflections about how the process of creating something happens(or as the tagline of Michaels book says: taking stuff out of your head and putting it into the world) and how something that seems impossible can switch into something do-able.

We experience this process all the time, and constantly learn to see beyond our imagined limitations and through the walls of what is «possible» for us personally, as One Solution, and as the world. The good news for us all, however, is what Michael shared in the conversation: «You don’t need special skills to go through an imaginary wall»

That means that we are literally a blink away from new opportunity. Because although...

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PODCAST: The link between Thongs and Global Change(Q&A-session)

Jan 31, 2018

We looove Q&A. 

It let's us rethink what we think we know and even what humanity knows, and try to get closer to something valuable and true. If you ever wondered what the link between capitalism and thongs, this is the podcast for you. We dive into how much of the world really is just thoughts we have made up, and made real over time. And how the only way to have a new world is to dramitically RETHINK the world we have created. 

We live in an ocean of assumptions, stories, collective imagination and with all the moving parts of the world, it's hard to navigate what's real and what's not, what's helpful and not helpful, whats seems good for us NOW vs whats whats good for the planet for the next 500 years and beyond. And we live in the effect of our thinking wether we like it or not. 

These are some of the questions we use to fuel the discussion in this podcast  

1. How can you say there is ONE solution when there is so many complex problems?


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PODCAST: Introducing the Rebels for Peace

Jan 23, 2018

We are soooo excited to give you this first episode in partnership with the youth-led organization "The rebels for peace". Dajohn White is our guest, and he is sharing some profound realizations about a shift in his mind, and the effects the same shift can have in his neighborhood. This podcast will hopefully open your mind to the potential for peace in violent circumstances.

About the Rebels for Peace:

Rebels for Peace is a youth-led initiative to rebel against the current thinking and mindsets that are the source of violence in Chicago. It was founded by Dajohn White with friends, and is quickly expanding to more teens while crossing neighborhood, gang, and family divides.  

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How an Understanding of the Mind can Bring Peace to Jerusalem

Dec 19, 2017

The following article is Written by Stephanie Fox, director of One Solution Middle East. 

The human mind is amazing. It is constantly inventing things, including concepts.  One of the ironies about the human condition is that we invent things with our minds and then forget we did it and live our lives as if the concept or thing had it own significance, independent of our own minds.  For example, prior to the 1940’s, the concept of “teenager” didn’t exist. Humans considered other humans either children or adults, with no culturally accepted concepts of the in-between years. That changed with an article in a 1944 edition of Life magazine that introduced the mind-made concept of teenager. The process of this concept coming into being followed the same process as all concepts - it occurred in a human mind and then a human took action to make it a “fact” in the physical world (in this case, a writer in a magazine). This concept was...

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Chicago: Understanding the source of violence

Aug 05, 2017

While sitting around a table with three of our teen partners from Rebels for Peace, we asked “what is the biggest problem in your community?”  The answer from these three black teens from the South Side of Chicago may surprise you. 

It’s worth pausing to add a little background on the three youth: one young man has a father and older brother in jail for gang activity, the young woman had a brother who was shot and killed last year, and the third young man doesn’t say much about his family situation other than that he lives with his aunt and knows to just stay inside when the “streets get hot,”  meaning when the shooting starts.  So you may be surprised that their answer to the question was not “lack of jobs,” “no father figures around,” or “failing school systems.”  It wasn’t even “guns,” “racism” or “the police,” which you might expect to hear...

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VIDEO: The willingness to create a new world

May 01, 2017

In the episode you follow Mara after her keynote and into breakout session with the kids of the Chicago Peace Summit. Hear us expand on the source of peace, and empower youth to be peace-ambassadors by understanding the mind. You will also hear some awesome reflections from the kids, and see the hope of future generations trying to build peace.

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VIDEO: Mara Gleason - Keynote at Chicago Peace Summit

Apr 30, 2017

Mara talks to the kids of Chicago about their inner superpower. It's a superpower that we all have, and when uncovered makes us a powerful force for peace in the world. See founders diaries #17 that comes out tomorrow for following breakout session with the kids, where they share their insights and next steps!

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Mar 01, 2017

British prison staff and local council members credit a Three Principles-based programme for some dramatic changes they’ve seen in inmates. They say it also offers the best hope for change in terms of individual behaviour as well as prison reform.

Scott Davidson, a service manager at one of the three UK prisons where Beyond Recovery is currently working, has high compliments for the programme.

“After training and being given greater opportunity to gain further insight into the three principles, I now see it as being better than all the interventions I have ever seen or used.”

Scott said he has witnessed some dramatic behavioural changes in prisoners.

“We have seen prisoners go from being restrained by staff in visits, to being prisoners of trust (without restraints),” he said. “We are seeing prisoners go from being involved in the drug culture, to leaving it behind and progressing in the system. We are seeing prisoners begin to help...

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