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This event was about hope, about the triumph of the human spirit, about how all people have something inside them so powerful, so beautiful, so resilient, that once tapped even some of the most terrible living conditions are overcome. That human, internal resilience of mind wasn't just talked about on an inspirational level, it was demonstrated through real examples of people throughout Africa and the world who are bringing an understanding of how a shift in the mind is what shifts anything in the world.
It is for EVERYONE! Irrespective of age, race, gender, socio-economic and religious backgrounds. If you think, then you are the potential for change.

The understanding of the mind focused on in this conference offers an accessible and practical means by which everyone and anyone can access their psychological wellbeing.

Exposure to this understanding promotes the well-being of the individual, which in turn uplifts the health of society.

In the videos you will see a wide variety of local and international speakers who are sharing this understanding of the mind in fields like:

Mental well-being, youth and education, health care, rehabilitation in the criminal justice system, addiction and recovery, organizational change, and overcoming inequality. 

Every human being thinks but with little understanding of how thought really works.

Thought is the source of all of our experiences: every decision, action/reaction, opinion, mindset and belief…..and every feeling too.

We will introduce you to a new understanding of the mind that exposes the powerful yet invisible link between what we think and how we feel, and why we behave the way we do. We will show that just as all problems begin in the mind, so do all of their solutions. 

When you see the power of thought and its relationship to the way you observe life, you will better understand yourself and the world in which you live. This will open a world of possibility as well as compassion, tolerance and forgiveness. 


South Africa has long been referred to as the Rainbow Nation because of its incredible diversity, a nation made up of many people with different languages, traditions, religions and skin tones. The co-organizers from South Africa wanted to show that what unites is is greater than that which divides us.



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